VIDEO: Brooke Henderson demonstrates one of many Life Skills lessons

Golf Canada Life Skills - Brooke Henderson

In 2015, Golf Canada and the PGA of Canada partnered with the University of Ottawa to develop a Life Skills model for junior programming, designed to place added focus on core values learned through golf, and their relevance to social and peer-to-peer environments.

An important feature of the Life Skills model is the philosophy that youth should be provided with opportunities to develop both intrapersonal and interpersonal life skills through golf. Intrapersonal skills refer to skills that are more internal in nature whereas interpersonal skills refer to skills that are more useful during social interactions. In the model, four intrapersonal skills and four interpersonal skills are included to ensure a balance between these two areas of focus.

The eight Life Skills in the model are focus, sportspersonship, perseverance, goal setting, emotional regulation, honesty, teamwork and respect.

The Life Skills were first integrated into the Golf in Schools teacher-friendly learning resource, and have since been added to Canada’s junior golf program, CN Future Links, through its feature Learn to Play offering.

Lesson plans include relevant life examples, learning outcomes, and specific skill-related drills.

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Golf in Schools - Life Skills framework