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Maude-Aimee Leblanc clinches top 10 spot for her 2022 LGPA Tour card

Greensborough, N.C. – Quebec native Maude Aimee Leblanc received a pleasant surprise on Thursday morning – notice that she had clinched a top 10 spot on this year’s Symetra Tour standings, gaining playing privileges for the 2022 LGPA season. The news reached Leblanc at Forest Oaks Country Club where she is currently competing in the second annual Carolina Golf Classic.

“I am glad they told me, it took a big load off. That was my goal all year so to make it happen is really great,” said Leblanc. “[Golf] is a love-hate relationship. It’s tough and really hard to describe.”  

Just three seasons ago Leblanc announced her decision to step away from golf professionally. It was the unprecedented year of 2020 that brought her back to the links and the Symetra Tour with a fresh perspective and a reignited passion for the sport.

“I just felt like I had more to accomplish golf wise. I feel like there are still things that I want to achieve and goals for myself that I set way back then and that are still in the back of my mind. It was hard to come to stop completely,” said Leblanc. “I want to thank my wife. She has been a big part of supporting me getting back into golf. And I started working with a new coach about a year and a half ago and he has helped my putting a lot which has made a huge difference in my game.”  

With 18 tournaments already in the books on the Symetra Tour, the top 10 underwent some shifting after the Murphy USA El Dorado Shootout which wrapped up Sept. 26. Leblanc is the fifth golfer to secure her spot, with five additional cards remaining to be claimed.

After the conclusion of round 1, Leblanc sits T4 at a score of six under par. Round 2 of the 72-hole stroke play tournament continues today.

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