Checking in with Team Canada

Head Coaches weigh in on the success of the Young Pro Squad

Derek Ingram, Tristan Mullally (Golf Canada)

Team Canada’s Young Pro Squad was established four years ago to provide an avenue for top-performing amateurs looking to make the difficult transition into the professional ranks. As a member of the Young Pro Squad, athletes receive assistance in many areas of high performance training including: coaching, strength & conditioning, sport psychology and nutrition.

In addition to providing ongoing coaching assistance, each athlete receives financial support to help with the costs of travelling to and competing in various events across the world. In just four years, the program has seen 26 professional wins, including victories on both the LPGA and PGA Tours by graduates Brooke Henderson and Mackenzie Hughes, respectively.

In January, the 2017 team selections were announced here.

Team Canada Head Coaches Tristan Mullally and Derek Ingram weigh in on the success of the program thus far and what’s ahead for the future: