Golf Canada staff celebrate Adopt a School Week with 10 adoptions

Golf in Schools

During Sept. 19-23, Golf Canada along with industry partners are celebrating the inaugural Adopt a School Week to honour the investments made throughout 2016 in support of the Golf in Schools (GIS) program.

Through a staff fundraiser, Golf Canada raised over $2,800 towards Golf in Schools adoptions and are proud to select ten schools from its waiting list—thanks in part to the matching program in place from the Canadian Seniors Golf Association (CSGA).

Offered at the elementary ($475), intermediate ($635) and high school ($795) level, Golf in Schools features age-appropriate equipment to accompany a user-friendly Learning Resource. Developed in partnership with the PGA of Canada and Physical Health Education (PHE) Canada, the Learning Resource helps students build character and confidence through its new Life Skills model, featuring golf lessons with both intrapersonal and interpersonal examples.

The program’s Learning Resource is tailored to suit teachers of all backgrounds—regardless of prior golf knowledge or skill level. Its seamless lesson plans are simple yet effective, teaching students timeless skills that are relatable to everyday scenarios.

“Naturally, we felt compelled to support the Adopt A School week initiative, a focused effort on bringing golf into schools in an easy to deliver, safe manner,” said Jeff Thompson, Golf Canada’s Chief Sport Officer. “The GIS program is often a child’s first introduction to the sport and we feel this program can and will have a long-term impact on the growth of Canadian golf, exposing it to a large segment of the population that would likely not have considered the sport as a recreational activity.”

For Thompson, the initiative presents a strong opportunity for facilities to grow numbers at the junior level.

“With Adopt a School Week, we hope to encourage facilities to view adoptions as an investment towards their future membership,” he said. “There’s great opportunity to build lasting relationships with schools that continue to provide value year-over-year.”

Make an impact in your community today by adopting a school at