Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Adam Merenda, Meadow Gardens Golf Club, Hole #7

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Got one on Friday at Meadow Gardens in Pitt Meadows, B.C. Hole #7 measured 190 yards. Used a 6 iron! Awesome feeling!

Alan Armstrong, Wildfire Golf Club, Hole #3

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Thanks so much for the kind words.

I was playing with my brothers, John and Dave, as well as a friend, Shane Carter. Hole number 3 at Wildfire Golf Club. Approximately 100 yards to the red flag. Used my 56 wedge.

Thanks again!

Amanda Moore, Tobiano, Hole #17

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I was on vacation with my fiancé. Our first time playing Tobiano. Was between clubs so clubbed up and took a 3/4 swing on hole #17 and sucked it back into the hole for my first ever hole-in-one!

Amanda Moore

Bonita Hayhow, Cultus Lake Golf Club, Hole #13

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Greetings from Chilliwack, B.C.!

It was a beautiful day at the Cultus Lake Golf Course. I was golfing with my husband, and it was late afternoon. My husband wasn’t having the best round and wanted to quit after twelve, but we decided to keep going. Hole #13, a par 3, was playing 138 yards from the red tees. I used my driver and both my husband and I lost sight of the ball as it reached the shadows on the green. As we approached, we didn’t see the ball and I assumed it rolled off the back. As I was walking by the hole, I looked down to the cup and there was my ball! I was very excited indeed. The first one in nearly 40 years of golfing!

Chris Murphy, Belvedere Golf & Country Club, Hole #7

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Thank you very much. I was golfing with a few other members out at Belvedere; Clayton Pilling, Jared Mouille and Mark Klinck. It was from the blues, 163 yards, and I hit a 9 iron.

Craig McLeod, Strathmore Golf Club, Hole #8

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I was playing with Gregg Peterson. The yardage for the hole that day was 158 yards, and I used a 7 iron.

Thank you,


Darren Sloboda, Colonnade, Hole #7

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Thank you Golf Canada team for extending your congratulations. Being my first hole-in-one, it was very surreal and gratifying since it occurred on a Red Shirt Friday event.

A bit of background. We have been playing on Friday afternoons for a number of years with a growing contingent. The Friday afternoon golf is commonly known as “Red shirt Fridays” in recognition and honor of those current and past military personnel who protect our country. Participants have a simple task of declaring their intent to play for the purpose of booking tee times, showing up on time and most important wearing a red golf shirt. Started by the late Leo Hanlon at Camden Braes G&C and currently organized at Amherstview Golf Club (AGC) by member Dave Head with support from course GM Joe Rishaur. We have anywhere from 12 – 40+ players participate on any given Friday. Last Friday, was a travel day to Colonnade where we had reduced participation of 16 players. The red shirts are now known at a number of the courses around the region.

My group and witnesses consisted of Ezel Erkan, Kenny Underhill and Georges Kattar. The hole-in-one was on #7 playing from blue tees measuring 144 yards (back yellow pin) using an 8 iron.

Sincere thanks,

Darren Sloboda  

David Marriott, Deer Valley, Hole #4

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Witnesses for the day were Karen Marriott (my wife) and Karen Mario. The fourth hole at Deer Valley is short, only playing 109 yards that day. As you can see from the photo, you are either on the green or in serious trouble. I hit a gap wedge since it was unusually calm. I took no pictures that day but the attached represents the layout last week.

This is the second ace that I have managed and have commented several times in the last few years that I was overdue for a second, particularly since my wife got an ace a couple years ago and we were tied until last Sunday. I waited 32 years and 363 days for this one and am now in the lead again.

Deer Valley is a truly fabulous layout, down in a glacial valley surrounded by miles of flat prairie farm land. There is an aerial video on the website that is worth watching. Although the score card shows the course not to be particularly long and the ratings don’t truly reflect the difficulty; it can eat you up. I worked as a starter/marshal for a few years and when new players asked for advice about the course, it was; don’t be left, don’t be right and don’t be long. In the case of the fourth hole; don’t be short either. 

Have a great day.


Dave Marriott

Don Yoo, Dunes Country Club, Hole #16

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Hello Golf Canada,

My name is Don Yoo. I got seven holes-in-one in my lifetime. Somewhat surprisingly, the last three holes-in-one I got were all in the span of a single month!On July 28, 2020, while playing golf with men’s group at my home course of the Dunes Country Club at Kamloops. I it a hole-in-one on the 16th hole (155 yards blue pin). Then on August 7th, 2020, I was playing in a foursome, hit another hole-in-one on the 4th hole (175 yards red pin) at Dunes. The third hole-in-one in August came on #16, again at Dunes golf course with Manny, Darell, Martin, Lyle and Ray. 

Doug Borgstrom, Camrose Golf Course, Hole #8

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My husband, Doug Borgstrom, got a hole-in-one on hole #8 at Camrose Golf Course, Camrose, Alberta. He used a 7 iron. The date of the hole-in-one was July 23, 2022. He was golfing with Bob Coyle, Helen Coyle and Wendy Borgstrom. Fortunately, he was able to see the ball drop from where he stood on the tee box.  

Thank you,

Wendy Borgstrom, on behalf of Doug Borgstrom

Gary Atterbury, Raven Crest, Hole #3

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Thank you so much for the note!

I have been a member at Raven Crest Golf and Country Club for 3 years (since I retired). I manage to play about 90 rounds there per year.

On Monday, July 18, 2022, I got the hole-in-one on hole number three, using an 8 iron from 135 yards. I was playing with my wife, Sandra Wright, and good friends Mike and Tara Walsh. We golf together every Monday at Raven Crest. All four of us are RCGA members.

FYI, two years ago, I got a hole-in-one at hole #6, 110 yards with a utility wedge. 

Love this golf course and the game.

Thank you,

Gary Atterbury 

Gord Hay, Storey Creek Golf Club, Hole #7

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Playing with my usual crew and the best caddie around, my service dog from Citadel Canine Society, Boomer. Shot was 148 yards to the pin from the blue tees and I used an 8 iron.


Gord Hay

Gord Koyama, Whitevale Golf Club, Hole #12

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I was playing with two other members of the GTA AM Tour team, Jason Gendron and Christian De Cloet.  It was 165 yards with a 6 iron.


J.R. Hurley, Goose Hummock Golf Resort, Hole #11

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I was playing with a friend, Tay. I also had my dog with me, and it was my birthday. I used a 9 iron from 149 yards (black tees-the tips at Goose Hummock). Nice draw into a tucked back left pin.

Jason Raaflaub, Sandpiper Golf Club, Hole #7

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Hole #7 at Sandpiper. Was about 120 yards and used my 9 iron, Taylor Made M2. Playing partner was Chris Robinson. Thanks!

Jeane Sigurdson, Barcovan Golf and Country Club, Hole #2

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Thank you for your message regarding my hole-in-one at Barcovan G&CC. The pin was at the back of the par 3, 113-yard hole #2 (about 123 yards?). I hit a 7 iron. I was playing with my husband, JT Grossmith. We both now have two.

Jeannette Toews, Arrowsmith, Hole #16

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It was an awesome experience getting the hole-in-one at Arrowsmith 2022 Net. I used my favorite club, a Taylormade M2 5 hybrid, playing from white tees at hole #16 for 127 yards. The ball, which is now retired, was a Titlist 3 Trufeel. This is a ball that I had won during league play for a chip in with Cottonwood ladies logo on it. I was playing with Tracy Reynolds from Cottonwood, Kathy Miller and Kathy Boyce from Eaglecrest Golf Club. Unfortunately, I did not see it go in. One of the ladies said it had but I said that it likely went over. So, go to the green and it wasn’t there so I went to look in the hole. Wow, sure a great surprise. My heart rate did not come down for the next two holes. Thanks to all the lovely ladies from BC ladies Zone 6, who played at this tournament, for making this such a special occasion for me.  

Jeff Misener, Whistle Bear Golf Club, Hole #17

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Saturday was an exciting day for sure.

Hole #17 at Whistlebear was playing 167 yards on Saturday and I used a 7 iron for my ace. I was playing in a member tournament and my partner was Chuck Meyers. The other two-person team in my foursome was Dave McKay and Mark Steenge. None of us saw the ball go in but when we arrived at the green, we noticed there were only three balls on the green. Since we knew my shot appeared to be the closest from back at the tee, the guys had me go to the green first and check the hole. Sure enough, there was my personalized Titleist #17 golf ball with “MIZE” on it at the bottom of the hole #17 cup. The celebration began. 17 was a lucky number on this day!

This was my second hole-in-one, with my previous ace coming on hole #8 at Whistle Bear in August 2019.

Thank you,

Jeff Misener

John Agnew, Port Colborne, Hole #12

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I was playing with Peter Bates, Glen Ozog and Chris Eros. This is our usual men’s night group. The ace happened on hole #12 at Port Colborne which is 165 yards. I used a Taylormade Sim2 #5 hybrid and ProV1 ball.

This is my second hole-in-one on this hole.


John Agnew

John Andreadis, Copetown Woods Golf Club, Hole #4

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Golf course:

– Copetown Woods Golf Club, #4, Par 3

– Was playing 165 yards that day

– Used my 7 iron

Playing partners and witnesses that signed my scorecard:

– Anton Marcano – Golf Canada member

– Veber DeMelo – Golf Canada member

– Adam Lucia


– When I took the shot, it was tracking for the flag, landed just before the flag then disappeared. My friends and I have seen this all too many times before where you think the ball is close but are often deceived by elevations, slopes on the green, the sun in your eyes and distance. So, after shooting, I moved 10 yards to the left and said, I don’t see the ball – my one friend said, “I think it’s past the flag” – I then said, “got to be honest, I am getting excited”.

It’s my first hole-in-one! I’ve had many eagles before but never on a par 3 🙂


John Ramsay, Peticodiac Valley, Hole #17

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7 iron. 146 yards. Witnessed by Nelson Newell, member Petitcodiac Golf Club.

John Horbach, Grand Niagara Golf Club, Hole #14

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Thank you! 

Distance was 173 yards. Club was a 6 iron. Guys in my group were Tom Butcher, James Armstrong and Joe Armstrong.

Thanks again,

Jon Horbach 

Kenny Foo, Blue Springs Golf Club, Hole #5

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Thank you very much for your email and for acknowledging this accomplishment.

The hole-in-one happened on Canada Day, 2022 while playing with a few buddies. The weather was great. It happened on the 5th hole at Blue Springs Golf Club which is a 160-yard par 3 from the blues. A front pin location. I played it with a 6-iron and with a Taylormade ball. It had landed in the left centre of the green. I was pleasantly surprised and amazed when we saw it kick right a bit and then disappear into the hole, this was definitely an unforgettable experience. It was awesome! My playing partners were John B., Tony B. and Harry J. This will truly be a special memory for a lifetime. 


Kenny Foo

Kevin Fabian, Tower Ranch, Hole #5

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The hole was 98 yards. The club was a 56-degree sand wedge. I hit the ball about 15 feet past and it spun back 15 feet to drop in the hole. Played with my wife, Dorothy, and friends, Shelley and Dave Fell. The ball on the ground was Shelley’s tee shot.

Kevin Hintz, Oak Island Golf Course, Hole #5

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Yardage was 149 yards, 6 iron used and golfing with my son, Jordan Hintz. 

Lisa Arsenault, Stanhope, Hole #3

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I achieved the ace on July 15, 2022. The yardage on the third hole was 84.

Lisa Kerley, Black Mountain Golf Course, Hole #13

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Hole-in-one on hole #13 at the Black Mountain Golf Course during the RBC scramble.

Michael Butler, The Club at North Halton, Hole #4

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I used my TaylorMade 6 iron. We were playing a two man match play we were already down by two but this was for sure the turning point as we went on to win the next five holes and closed out our opponents on 16 to win the match.

Thank you for the hole-in-one graphic.


Michel Power, Memramcook, Hole #12

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Playing partners were Chris Wheato, Michel Audet and Maurice Richard. Occurred on hole #12, 140 yards. Used a 9 iron.

Michel ?

Michel St-Jacques, Muirfield Lakes Golf Club, Hole #8

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Made my first ever hole-in-one July 16th, 2022 from the blue tees on the 372 yard, par 4 8th hole at Muirfield Lakes Golf Club. My shot was witnesses by the four gentlemen putting on the green I rolled it into. Figured I was good to hit without risk of hitting anyone being that far back and it being straight away. I knew I hit a great drive, nice left to right high draw with a bit of wind at my back (obviously) and saw some arms go up after it landed and honestly thought they were upset that I rolled it up close to them. I didn’t know it went in at that point. It was only when I drove up to the green intending on apologizing for hitting it up to them that they told me with excitement that it was the greatest thing they’d ever seen…it rolling right in there. The one guy, Bob, said he had just finished making a 30-foot birdie putt and jokingly said I stole his thunder. Haha. My two playing partners, one of whom who works for the course, didn’t know it was in either as they teed it up from the whites. 

Gladly paid for beers after the round and got them to sign my card. 



Ralph Warren, Dalewood Golf Club, Hole #8

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Thank you for your enquiry about my hole-in-one at Dalewood Golf Club on July 20th this year. Witnesses were Ken Burke and Albert Helgeson. Used a 9 iron. Distance was 108 yards over a pond and creek. This was my 5th hole-in-one in five years.

Robert Charlton, Morgan Creek Golf Course, Hole #8

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It was a ping g410 6 iron. The 8th hole was playing 160 yards to a back left flag. It is all carry over a pond and waste area. Playing with my regular Friday group; Bill Cartwright, Doug Kester and Mike Ellam. My first ace at 74 years old.  Yes, I’m also still able to bend over and get the ball out of the cup. Doug went ahead of us (he had a cart) looked in the hole then off the green as if I’d missed just to fake me out. Great to have golf buddies, isn’t it?

Sam McPherson, Millcroft Golf Club, Hole #13

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I was extremely excited to say the least. We were playing hole #13 at Millcroft in Burlington, Ontario. It is a long Par 3, 188 yards from the blues and I used my 6 iron. I hit the ball extremely well, it made a divot in the green and rolled into the cup. I was playing with Shiv Sharma, another avid golfer.



Sandi Duby, Coachwood, Hole #8

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Thank you so much for reaching out and acknowledging my hole-in-one.   

I was playing with two women from my Wednesday Business League. The hole in one came on the 8th hole. It was 113 yards with a slight breeze in our face. I used a Taylor Made M2 7 iron. One bounce and it went in the hole. I was as surprised as anyone. Yes, I did honour the tradition of buying beer for everyone in my league

Thanks again for reaching out.  

Sandi Duby

Steve Fraser, The Lakes Golf Club, Hole #11

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In reply to your email, the pro at the Lakes Golf Course, Wes Stanford, presented me with my hole-in-one bag tag and a flag from the Lakes Golf Course at Ben Eoin. My hole-in-one was on July 20, 2022. I was playing with Bob MacDonald, Dan MacDougall and John Read. The yardage was 161 yards using a new Fwy 5 Cobra Ltdx.

On Oct 20, 2021, I got my first hole-in-one at the Lakes (142 yards with a Cobra 4 Hybrid). I was playing with Bob MacDonald, Alexander Matheson and Kirk MacRae. I am 76 years old and started playing golf 7 years ago when I started putting my scores on Golf Canada. I feel I haven’t peaked yet.

Stuart Jewison, River’s Edge Golf Club, Hole #17

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Thanks for the congrats. Here’s the story:

A 132-yard par 3, elevated green. You can see the flag from the tee box, but not the hole because of the elevation of the green. I hit a 9 iron and landed my shot just short of the green. The ball one-hopped onto the green and disappeared from sight. I knew I was close so, when we got up to the green and couldn’t see my ball, I thought hmm. Looked in the hole and there it was! Amazing feeling!

Susan Hebert, Cuttens Fields, Hole #11

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Hello Golf Canada,

I got my first hole-in-one on July 22nd at Cuttens Fields, Guelph, Ontario. What excitement!

It was on what members call “The Thompson Hole”.  This is usually a learning/teaching hole but since last fall our 11th hole has been under construction so “TH” is the replacement until the 11th is playable.

The Rangefinders gave us a yardage of 98.  That would normally be an 8 iron for me but the wind was helping so I decided to use my 9 iron. It was a beauty shot, great trajectory, one hop onto the green, rolled a little to the left and right up into the hole. There was a jump in the air and a few screams of joy. I’ll admit it – a few tears!

My husband and photographer, Bob, and I played with two gentlemen; Vas (retired doctor – 92 years old) and J.J. (retired professor – 83 years old).

Susan Hebert

Titia Born, Valley Ridge Golf Club, Hole #7

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It was Valley Ridge Ladies Night with a shotgun start. I was the first to lead off my group on our starting hole #7, and I sunk it. About 120 yards with an 8 iron. 

Titia Born

Vincent West, Fairmont Le Château Montebello, Hole #6

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Good day, 

Thank you for reaching out, the hole-in-one was quite the experience. 

I was with Miguel Laurin, Phillipe Drouin, and Gabriel Laurin. We were playing golf for my bachelor party. 

Just before the golf shot, I remember saying “somebody should film our par 3’s in case someone gets a hole-in-one” but unfortunately, we did not film the shot. 

The par 3 was hole #6 and I was playing from the white markers. The yardage was approximately 130 yards, and I used my pitching wedge. My golf ball went passed the pin and then back spined into the hole. 

Thank you,

Vincent West