Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Clark Johannson, Elbow Springs Golf Club, Hole #3

It was epic.

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, and I was enjoying a round of golf with my 17-year-old son Will and another guest couple at Elbow Springs here in Calgary. We approached the 3rd hole, par 3 on the Mountain Course and could see the flag was at the back of the green. We scoped the distance, and it was about 172 yards. My son went first and had a great tee shot. He was about 10 feet from the pin, so I felt confident in the distance. I had my trusted Taylor Made Sim 7 iron and as I was taking a practice swing, I could tell my swing felt a little tight. I decided to aim a little left of the flag to allow for a fade, expecting that I wouldn't get a full rotation. I had a solid connection and, as predicted, the ball was fading slightly. It landed left of the pin in the middle of the green and started to roll toward the hole. It seemed like it was moving fast, and we were so far away we couldn't tell if it was short or long. Then suddenly it just disappeared.

I looked at my son and we both were shocked. We started cheering and laughing in disbelief. You see, I'm 55 years old and have been golfing since I was 8. I've never had or even seen a hole-in-one. My father, who taught me to play and was an avid golfer, went his whole life without getting a hole-in-one. It was a fantastic moment and I'm so glad I was able to share it with my son.


Jeanette Szmiett, White Squirrel Golf Course, Hole #2

I shot a hole-in-one July 19, 2022, at White Squirrel Golf Course on hole #2. It was 87 yards from the forward tee with my 7 iron.

Mack Keay, Northview, Hole #5

Northview Ridge Course, hole #5, from the blue tees, about 170 yards, downhill. I hit an 8 iron.

Al Whalen, Bel Acres, Hole #13

Thanks so much! It was super exciting.

Hole #13 at the Bel Acres Golf Course. 157 yards so I used my 8 iron. 2 hops then straight in the cup. I was playing with Scott Kuntz, Craig Sebastyanko, Bryce Sholdice and Ryan Sholdice.

Bob Wareham, Summerland, Hole #14

Yes, it was a great day of golf with my buddies. It was our Wednesday Men’s’ Night so lots of congratulations were received, along with a quantity of beverages from friends. We play fivesomes on Men’s Night so my partners were Andy Hamilton, John Hall, Ed Helgason and Wayne Stickelmier. It was on Hole #14 on the blue tees, which that day were at about 180 yards slightly uphill. Since there is a mound on the right side of #14, behind which the pin was located, we couldn’t actually see it go in but knew it was close. The players on the #15 tee box could see it and were yelling congratulations. I’m 75 now and don’t hit the ball as far as I used to so a driver was the club that did the deed.

Thank you for the graphic which I’ll share with friends.

Best wishes,

Bob Wareham

Brendon Walkom, St. Mary’s, Hole #18

So, the things started off by rushing to the course after work as we were burning daylight. Started on the back nine with my friend Jordan and I was feeling great and shooting pretty good. Hole 18 rolls around and it was my honor to tee off first. About 160 yards from the pin and contact felt great coming off my 8 iron! As I followed the ball, I was relieved to see I avoided the water and it landed on the green, close to the pin to top it off as it bounced, I stopped watching the outcome to bend down and grab my tee. Immediately, Jordan starts saying “hey dude I don’t see your ball”. I thought he was just messing with me, so I reply: “that’s okay I’ll just chip it back on and putt for par”. As we cross the bridge, I start thinking maybe it did drop and Jordan started filming as he was sure it did. As we approached the green, my mind tells me to check the bunker first, but my heart said it’s in the hole! Sure enough it was! A round and day I’ll never forget.



Bryan Mudryk, Bandon Dunes, Hole #7

Sheep Ranch. From the tips. 7th hole. 155 yards. 9 iron.

Chris Edey, Cambridge Golf Course, Hole #9

Definitely an awesome experience. It is my third hole in one in three years! First one was at the same course on Hole #13 and then my second was at Woodington Lakes Legacy Course Hole #12 and now this one! 

I was playing with a fellow member (Tom Allan) on my home course at Cambridge Golf Course this past Sunday morning and hit an 8 iron 155 yards (zapped to the flag with my handy Bushnell range finder). The ball that morning wasn’t flying as far and based off my Arccos golf GPS, I decided to club up to an 8 iron instead of a 9 iron. It was a slight cut into a front left pin location, landed about 2 feet left of the hill and spun right and into the hole! It was in front of the starting hut as well, so it was pretty funny actually realizing it went in!

Appreciate you reaching out and look forward to next hole-in-one!

Chris MacKinnon, Antigonish, Hole #2

Hole-in-one occurred while playing at the club’s men’s night. Playing partners were my brother, Scott MacKinnon, and Marty MacDonald and Kevin MacDonald. Shot was with a 7 iron from an elevated to the green 170 yards away.



Cindy Marshall, Copper Point Golf Club, Hole #5

Thank you very much for sending the hole-in-one graphic – it makes it seem all the more official. I have sent the graphic to a few friends and will print a copy to display alongside the official hole-in-one flag graciously provided by Copper Point Golf Course. It was my very first but hopefully not my last ace. I am a long way from my father’s 14 hole-in-ones but will endeavor to get there by the time I reach his 90 years of age.

I made the 108-yard shot, a bit into the wind, on a beautiful sunny and very hot day here in the Columbia Valley, using a nine iron. It landed just off the green and rolled about 35 feet with a slight curve to the right (toward the valley). We all saw it disappear into the hole! I do a little “dance” when I get a birdie; now I have a more exuberant “hole-in-one dance”.  Just as excited for me were my two playing partners, husband Dick Molyneaux and granddaughter Paige Taylor (12).

Along with the hole-in-one flag, a complimentary drink, and a free round of golf, a Copper Point staff member snaps your picture (which is attached) to commemorate the day.

I hope it will not be too long before I share another hole-in-one story with you!


Corey McRae, Wolf Creek Golf Resort, Hole #7

It was quite a thrill. I was with Sean Neumeier and Tristan Cunningham. It was reading 131 yards and I used a Pitching Wedge.


Corey McRae

Dave Merritt, St. Catharines Golf and Country Club, Hole #4 and Greg Cook, St. Catharines Golf and Country Club, Hole #4

Back-to-back shots by two individuals in the same fourthsome resulted in two holes-in-one.

Thank you for reaching out. Yes, a very, very rare feat occurred the morning of Sunday, July 17.

We approached the fourth hole at STGCC which was playing 156 from the white tees. Dr. Greg Cook shot first using a 6 iron. It was a great shot that landed in the perfect spot and tracked right toward the pin and dropped. After an exciting minute, Dave Merritt hit next and with a 7-iron that took a very similar flight path to the previous shot, it landed in a similar spot and tracked toward the pin and dropped. With all of us experiencing a bit of shock and disbelief, we waited for the other two in our foursome to hit (Dr. Al Loon and Mr. Dave Brennan) to hit and then took a brisk walk to the hole to see the two balls in the cup. So, that is two holes-in-one on the same hole on back-to-back shots – 60 seconds apart. We have played together most every Sunday morning for the past three seasons which made this extra special, and something we can relive and try and replicate on future Sunday mornings.

This was Greg’s fourth ace and the first for Dave.


Dave Merritt and Greg Cook

David Hawkins, Wildwinds Golf Links, Hole #15

Thank you very much for recognizing my accomplishment. It was so exciting! This was my first hole-in-one.

My watch told me I was 127 yards away. Normally, I would use my pitching wedge for that distance, but because I’m inconsistent with my ball striking, I was trying to swing slower in hopes of gaining more control and used my 9 iron. From the tee, it looked as if the ball was heading right at the pin. The whole foursome commented that it was on target. It landed approximately a foot left, had a small bounce toward the pin, rolled and disappeared. We all cheered. The surrounding greens and tee blocks heard us celebrating. One guy asked if it was a hole-in-one. When we said yes, they all joined in cheering. It was unbelievable.

I was golfing with my best friend and golf partner, Kevin Rochette. We joined the other two on the tee. Their names were Miles and Sam. Coincidently, Kevin told me about the Canada Golf app just days before. He wasn’t having a good game that day but was still very supportive.

My wife, who was my girlfriend at the time, introduced me to golf almost 20 years ago. Her father played and she worked at a course while in school. As an athlete, I thought I would be able to compete easily, but quickly learned how difficult the game can be.  

In the beginning, I didn’t really work that much at it and only played a handful of times a year. More recently, I’ve increased how much I play (to what I can afford) and have really come to love it. Since I can’t really afford lessons, I watch a lot of videos and work at what the professionals recommend in those videos.  

I’m currently 46 years old and hope to one day shoot consistent low 80’s, maybe even high 70’s. 

Thank you again,

David Hawkins

David Thompson, Brightwood, Hole #4

Thanks for this.  

I was playing with two other golfers and good friends, Geoff MacIntyre and Peter Driscoll. Geoff is a member at Brightwood, and Peter was visiting from Kelowna, believe he is a member of the Harvest Club. I am a member of Ashburn Golf club but was playing with friends at the course I grew up on, Brightwood.

Hole was 148 yards, used a 7 iron. That is my third hole-in-one, but first in Canada. The other two were both in Florida, on December 1, 2014, and December 1, 2015, exactly one year apart.

Elizabeth Swain, Shaganappi Point, Hole #12

I was golfing in my Business Ladies League at Shaganappi Point in Calgary on Thursday July 14. We were on the Par 3 #12, and I pulled out my Utility Wedge, as I had 85 yards to the hole. 

I took an easy swing that went dead straight, the ball took one bounce and rolled into the hole from about three feet away.

Since the green was in the shade and it was evening, we weren’t sure if it went in until we got up to the hole.

This is my second hole-in-one on the same hole, the last was on July 5, 2018. Super stoked since I never thought to get one let alone two, in my lifetime. 🙂

Elizabeth Swain

Gary Giroux, Langara Golf Club, Hole #8

Thank you for the recognition. I played in our Langara Men’s Club and used a 52-degree gap wedge to go about 124 yards. 

Thanks again,


Gavin Dyke, Glendenning Golf Course, Hole #6

Excited you heard about my hole-in-one! It was July 12th at the 6th hole at Glendenning. The yardage was 171. The pin was behind a bunker so the club I used was a 9 iron. I landed the ball about 5 feet short before it rolled into the hole. I was playing with friend Jeremy Nixon and two other members Bob and Grant.

Gord Asmussen, Wakaw Lake Golf Club, Hole #14

Thanks for the information in your previous email. I got my third hole-in-one of my career on Sunday July 10/22 (same number of hole-in-one’s as my father)! I was playing with my youngest son, Jared Asmussen, and two friends who were at Wakaw Lake, that we winter with in Mazatlan Klaus Meyer and Warren Englot. #5 Wakaw Lake. 122yds.  9 iron.  

Gord Kehler, Steinback Fly-In Golf Club, Hole #5

I was playing with my buddies Menno, Keith and Vic like we do every Sunday morning. The yardage was 154 yards. I used an easy 6. What a sight to see.

Grant Wideman, Nanton Golf Club, Hole #17

Thank you. I was playing with a couple of good friends. The hole was playing 211 yards and I hit a 6 iron. I hit what I thought was a good shot and said I can’t hit it much better than that. Not knowing it went in the hole, one friend said jokingly that I could hit it in the hole. Needless to say, when we arrived at the green and realized we couldn’t see it that is when I walked to the hole and found my ball. What a great experience and to have good friend along for the ride was ever better.  



Jessica Chaplin, Smithers, Hole #11

It was very much a surprise for me! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2022, was a Ladies Club Night at the Smithers Golf Club, located in northwest British Columbia, Canada. I was playing with Janice Himech, Kate Daniels-Howard and Cyndy Hooper.  This week was a back nine start. We were playing off the forward tees (yellow), and the distance (off the scorecard) is 129 yards. The flag was blue, in the back, towards the left side of the green. From the forward tees on #11, players are lower than the green, you can see the flag, but not the surface of the green or the cup.

I teed off with my #7 Ping G400 iron. The ball flew straight and bounced near the top. When it bounced, the ball angle changed so that it was flying closer towards the pin. My team teed off as well.

When we arrived at the green, on top of the hill, I could not see my ball. One ball was on the green, Janice’s and Cyndy and Kate were chipping onto the green. I walked around to the far side of the green to search the rough, which is a familiar spot for my balls to land ?. My teammate Kate said, “I don’t think you went past the green, I think it headed towards the pin”.  I laughed and continued looking in the rough.  he said, “I think your ball went into the hole, I am going to look in the hole”. There it was. In the hole was my ball, a Titleist ProV1 (3).  

We got all excited! Kate asked if she could take a photo and post it on the Smithers Golf Club Facebook site and I said yes.  

The funniest thing is, there’s a weekly Ladies Night “Hole-in-One Pot”, where players contribute $1 to the pot. Quite honestly, it never occurred to me that I could score a hole-in-one, so I have not been entering the pot. I have learned my lesson! 

I’m in my 50’s and I have been golfing regularly for four seasons now. Prior to that, I golfed occasionally in fun, corporate events in Smithers. My Golf Canada handicap is currently 22. I look forward to golf, it is the only sport I’ve played where first, if you try too hard, you hit the ball poorly and second, when you hit the ball, you must concentrate, empty your mind, without thinking about what you are doing. Skills-wise, I’m working on slowing my game down. My Ladies team says about my game that I need to “slow down, take your time, don’t rush” – and I’m working on it.

Jessy Chaplin

Joe Mangialardi, National Pines Golf Club, Hole #7

Thanks for the note. The foursome was with Vince Fiore, Jim Gray and Lou Shefsky. In your face wind. 7th hole. 129 yards out. Used a 7 iron. 

Kathleen Patterson, Mylora Golf Course, Hole #2

Thank you for the congratulations! I was playing with Roseanne Pruden and Mary Kelly. It was hole #2, 117 yards and I used an 8 iron.

Leno Macri, Broadmoor Public, Hole #16

My golfing partners were Thomas Dunlop and Kevin Broderick. Yardage was 115 and I used the 7 iron. I’ve had two previous holes-in-one, one at Eagle Rock and one at Countryside over the years so I seem to be very lucky. 

Thank you for your interest.

Leno Macri

Les Jedlicska, River Spirit Golf Club, Hole #4

It was a late afternoon round and the weather was perfect. I was playing with two of my golf buddies. Hole was Sprit #4. Yardage was 187 that day and I hit a 5 iron straight at the hole. Couple of hops and it rolled in.

Thank you,

Les Jedlicska 

Lloyd Sonnenburg, Saugeen Golf Club, Hole #7

#7 Sunrise from the gold tees. Playing 188 yards so I used my 4 hybrid. It was my fifth hole-in-one (my wife tells me I golf too much). Was playing with Derek Alstein, Tyler Smith, Liam Reany. All Saugeen members.


Lloyd Sonnenburg 

Martin Byrne, Bally Haly Country Club, Hole #11

Hit a seven iron into about a 60 km wind. Nobody saw it go in because of the elevated height of the green. When we went up to the green, I didn’t see my ball. So, I thought I might have got caught up in the grass on the front of the green. I looked and it wasn’t there. My next thought was, could it be in the hole? Holding my breath, I walked up to the hole, I didn’t say anything to the other players, as they were busy going to their ball positions. When I got to the hole, I peeked oven the edge and there it was, in the hole. I let out a roar and raised my arms over my head. I told the guys it’s in the hole. A hole-in-one. I bent over and picked it out of the hole while they watched so there was no disputing it. They all congratulated me. That was my 6th hole-in-one and counting.

Matthew McReynolds, Cabot Cliffs, Hole #12

Thanks for reaching out, I appreciate the congratulations.  

After booking the trip to Cabot in 2020, we finally made it there this summer. I was playing with Graeme Cruickshanks, Wes Ladouceur and Dayne Holek. It was hole 12, 210 yards into the wind. Huge thanks to my caddie, Andrew, who said I should play it up the right side closer to 240. I hit a 3 hybrid down the right and we got to see it roll towards the hole before dropping. Cabot generously gave me a flag and hat to help remember the experience.  

It was a great trip to an unbelievable golf course with terrific company, hospitality, and plenty of memories.  

Thank you for the graphic.


Matt McReynolds

Michael Yoon, Emerald Hills Golf and Country Club, Hole #7

I had my fourth hole-in-one on July 8th, 2022, at my club, Emerald Hills GC in Stouffville ON. I played with my friend, his wife and my wife. It happened at hole number 7 of the Forest course. Blue tee box, 140 yards. I used 9 iron. 

It was so amazing because I had my first ever double eagle (albatross) while I played a match play the previous week. One thing on my bucket list was accomplished. 

What an incredible season!

Many thanks for reading! Have a great day!

Mike Yoon

Mike Driscoll, Smuggler’s Glen, Hole #8

The hole was lasered at 128 yards. Pin was set on the left side of the green. There was some weather coming in and with the headwind, I picked a club that I told my playing partners that I was playing a 150 club as I had honours.

I tee’ed the ball and gave it what I felt was a solid swing with great contact. The flight was a high “baby” draw.

When it landed, I actually quit watching it as I thought the draw was going to make the ball release and go past the pin.

As I was picking up my tee, my playing partners Troy Killingbeck, Garry Hull and Lou Phillips, began cheering that the ball went in the hole. I looked up and couldn’t see my ball on the green and immediately threw my hat and began cheering with them.

They all hit their tee shots and we were talking about someone else jarring one.

As we drove up, Troy took pictures of where the ball landed and one with me. 

It was a great experience to share with some of my closest friends and a day we will never forget.

I used a Mizuno gap wedge for the shot.

Mike Graves, Maple Creek Golf Course, Hole #6

On July 14, 2022, at the Men’s Night at the Maple Creek Golf Course, I had the unbelievable luck to get my second hole-in-one (two weeks after getting my first). it happened on the same hole, number six, playing at 136 from the middle tees. I was playing with four people that witnessed the deed. I used my Ping G425 7 iron with a Titleist yellow AVT ball. The ball landed on the front of the green, did a little dance and rolled another 9 feet into the hole.

Thanks for your reply. On June 30 and July 14, 2022, I had the unbelievable luck to score two holes in one, something I’ve never done in my life. Both hole-in-ones were on the number #6 hole, a par 3 136 yards at the Maple Creek Golf Course in Saskatchewan. I’m 73 and was golfing in a Men’s night with four other people on the second hole-in-one. I used my Ping G425 seven iron for both hole-in-one shots. Unfortunately, I was golfing alone on June 30, 2022, but this allowed me to cross off my “bucket list” something that took 73 years to do. I’d like to thank my fellow golfer for their congratulations and well wishes.

Mike McReavy, Lionhead, Hole #3

Enjoying a round with work colleagues Andrew, Matt and Garo. Hole #3 at Lionhead Legends was playing 168 yards with a little helping breeze, and I used an 8-iron to record my ace. With the elevated green and pin location that day, we were unable to see the ball roll into the cup but realized that it was the only place it could be!

Paul Madgett, Nanton Golf Club, Hole #8

Thank you for the congratulations on my hole-in-one. I got it at Nanton Golf Course on hole number 8, playing from the blue tees. The hole was playing 155 yards and I used a 7 iron. My playing partners that day were Jay Eltom, Mark McNichol and Rod Nelson.



Peggy Theriault, Osprey Ridge Golf Course, Hole #8

Thank you for the email. 

I haven’t played a lot of golf over the past few years so my game is rustier than I would like it to be but, to have gotten a hole-in-one made the bad round worth it! It was my first hole-in-one so very exciting! I was playing with my partner, Ken Forward and our friends, Wayne and Michele Nelson. I was on hole #8 at Osprey Ridge Golf Course and it is an uphill green so you could not see the hole, only the flag. I used a 7 iron, and it was about 112 yards to the pin. That was one of my best feeling swings so far that round and it paid off! It was unfortunate that we were unable to see it go in but was exciting to find the ball in the cup once we got to the green!

Thanks so much,

Peggy Theriault

Peter Voelk, Muirfield Lakes Golf Club, Hole #14

That made for an amazing afternoon alright. I was playing with my wife Cheryl Voelk and my two friends Dave and Kathy Zerr, our usual golfing friends. The hole was playing 146 yards with a bit of a breeze. I used a 6 iron and it worked perfectly. 

Thanks for the email.

Peter Voelk 

Rob Cowan, Royal Dornoch Golf Course, Hole #6

Round two of the Senior Amateur Championship. Paired first two days with a Scotsman, Robert Smith, and an Englishman, Andrew Atkinson. Both super guys.

Number 6 was playing 165 with a touch of a breeze down and to the right. The breeze changed to wind about 20 minutes later and then turned full blown as we turned into it at hole #9. We actually got pulled off the course on #15 that day for two hours because of the winds.

Andrew hit a nice shot that landed a third of the way on and rolled to about 9 feet to the right of the hole and stayed on. If you know anything about the 6th, it falls off steeply to the right so you’re kind of done. Pot bunkers left and it’s pretty intimidating. I said to Dave Bunker in the PR “can you imagine playing this in a left to right wind? Impossible”!

So, I hit basically the same shot, little cut, landed a bit left of where Andrew did, and it went right in. 

The guys I played with were happy to tell everybody that I ran it along the ground, and it bounced everywhere before going in. But I’m sure they enjoyed the free drama that came with it. 

Seems that 165 is my range for not being able to see a ball on the green so it was the other two guys that confirmed it. I needed to go to my Bushnell to confirm! I had a one last year in a tournament, same shot, same yardage (168) and couldn’t see that one in either!

Thanks again,


Robert Sim, Windsor Park Golf Course, Hole #2

In response to your letter, I was playing with my wife, Catherine Lee, on Saturday, July 16th at Windsor Park Golf Course in Winnipeg. Windsor Park is a lovely, old public course, built in 1924. It’s used year-round for both golf and cross-country skiing. Cathie and I were playing the second hole, a 225-yard hole from the white tees. I hit a 3 wood, the ball was going directly to the hole, but we lost sight of it. After spending a good five minutes searching for the ball around the hole, we realized the one place that we hadn’t checked was the hole itself. Of course, there was the ball.    

We’re both hoping this will be just one in a string of holes-in-one. We need all the help we can get to keep our scores down.

Yours truly,

Robert Sim 

Ty Gilbertson, Bandon Dunes, Hole #3

My hole-in-one came on the 3rd hole at Sheep Ranch, the newest course at Bandon Dunes. It was playing at 115 yards with a front left pin, I hit my pitching wedge.  Honestly, the shot was a bit fat and pulled but it cleared the dune in front of the green and started rolling towards the hole. We all stood and watched it keep rolling then the ball disappeared. We weren’t sure how close it was due to the undulations of the green. Luckily, the other half of our group was on the tee ahead and turned around to see it drop. This was my first hole-in-one ever and it couldn’t have come at a better time or place.


Virginia Lam, Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club, Hole #12

Hole #12 at the Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club on June 28, 2022. Red tee, 144 yards with Titleist 23-degree hybrid.

Participated in the Victoria Golf Club vs. Shaughnessy 50th Exchange event. This is an annual women’s exchange which Victoria and Shaughnessy clubs host alternate years.


Virginia Lam

Wayne Izumi, Turtle Creek Golf Club, Hole #14

Thanks for the letter. The yardage was 130 with a Muira 9 iron. I was playing with Travis MacLachlan.

Wayne Izumi

Wayne Lauzon, Ambassador Golf Club, Hole #8

I was playing with Gerry Desjardins and Joe Craig. It was 134 yards against a one club wind. So, I hit a knockdown 8 iron. One bounce and in. 

Yuri Mykolyk, Islington Golf Club, Hole #10

It was just another beautiful day at the club. It was on the 10th hole. 179 yards to the hole. Took my 5 iron out and took a nice easy swing, ball hitting the sweet spot on the iron. From there it was history. I believe Loris mentioned to the group to watch the ball, which rolled past the flag and started to roll back. 

Phil Kavanagh and the staff were wonderful and made me feel like a star!

Once again, thank you for reaching out. 

Yuri Mykolyk